A national collection of stories for IDF's heritage

For every Israeli, military service is a life-changing experience.
Everyone carries a memory, a turning point, a significant "point of reference", or Nekudat Zion.
Together, we all make up this endless mosaic of stories representing Israel’s legacy.

Credit: Igal Slavin


About Us

Nekudat Zion is a social enterprise aiming to preserve and connect testimonies & memories of generations of IDF service members. 

Military service is an essential part of us and we are all part of a national mosaic of service memoirs, which are combined into IDF's legacy. Everyone has a memory to be shared.

Together, we make up this endless mosaic representing Israel’s heritage.


Credit: Igal Slavin


Credit: Igal Slavin

Our Vision

A National Digital Social Database of Israel’s Heritage.


Preservation and documentation - documentation of the testimonies of IDF soldiers for their generations and the preservation of the heritage from generation to generation


Social and community involvement - social accessibility for Israeli citizens and the world


Establishing the legacy - preventing the takeover of IDF memory discourse by interested parties


Education - education and awareness of Israeli citizens in general and youth in particular about the IDF heritage


Innovation and creativity - use of innovative and creative means to preserve the heritage

A Social Platform

A social streaming platform for former IDF service members of all ages to share their memories of a defining moment or event in their military service.

  • Compilation and consolidation of diverse, comprehensive and reliable testimonial data such as videos, photos, audio clips, academic documents, letters, memorabilia and more

  • Categorization of the data into catalogs displayed on a map or a timeline according to parameters such as name, date, location, military unit and more

  • A social network connecting soldiers across generations based on similarities in various parameters

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Video upload and online capture via mobile or desktop camera

Recorded Zoom Interviews

Categorized streaming platform



Open and accessible to all


Photographs, Radio, podcast, IDF Archives, National Library


Internal Social Network - Community posts, forums and events


Autonomous online interviews


Multilingual translations with auto subtitles


Video Pixelation of censored and sensitive details


Credit: Igal Slavin

Come be part of the heritage mosaic

Record your testimonial directly on our platform, using a webcam or smartphone camera.


Alternatevely, you can schedule a Zoom interview with our team of clinical psychologists and professional interviewers. 

Video memories and interviews are reviewed, given security clearance, indexed and securely stored for anyone to watch online.


Any contribution on your part will help advance this project forward to have significant impact to all veterens and to the State of Israel

Each donor will receive :

* Certificate of Donation,

* Tax receipt

* Newsletter

* Invitations to our events with diverse speakers 

Donations above 5,000 NIS receive yearly field trips over Israel

Donations above 20,000 NIS are posted at digital donation wall 

* Donations are done through Haifa foundation ("Keren Haifa") which is recognized as an Israeli volunteer institution in accordance with section 46 of the income tax ordinance and can be filed in the USA (IRS 501) and in Canada 


Credit: Igal Slavin




Rani Bender

Social entrepreneur 

Co-Founder & CEO


Colonel Ofer B.

Commander of a helicopter squadron

Co-Founder & CTO

Seifan Weinberg

Clinical Psychologist 
Shaldag Air force

and Natal Association

Clinical Head of Staff



Mr. Oved Yechezkel

Former government secretary to the Prime Minister


Major General (Res.)

Meir Klifi Amir

Former CEO of the FIDF


Brigadier General (Res.)

Eli Shermeister

former IDF Chief Education


Brigadier General (Res.) Hasson Hasson

Military secretary – Israeli president


Brigadier General (Res.)
Meir Chen

former IDF chief of Military Police


Colonel (Res.)  

Ortal K.S

Former Head of Intelligence of the Israeli Navy.


Colonel (Res.)

Zvika Rak

Medal of Distinguished

Service Yom Kippur war


Colonel (Res.)

Amit Livni

former Deputy IDF Spokesman